Monday, May 22, 2006

Outline Map:-

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Parish Map for Sompting

Aerial photograph (c) Dot McBrien: The Mountain to the sea.

Ranging from the high downs almost to the sea, Sompting is full of interesting features to put on a map, including of course the landmark tower of St Mary’s Church.

How is a Parish Map different from an ordinary map?

A Parish Map shows what a place is like, and what people who live and work there like about it – whatever reflects people’s sense of place. It can include paintings of the landscape and of all kinds of valued features.

Mostly people make a large scale original for hanging in a village hall or church, and printed colour reproductions in a convenient smaller size for hanging in homes or schools, post-offices, estate-agents, shops, pubs etc.

The map above is the one for Walberton. You can see some other examples on the link above titled 'Parish Maps in West Sussex'. On the post above called 'Outline map' I have drawn an outline map of the Parish of Sompting which may give some ideas to start from.

How can the Parish Map include your own ideas?

Please email me to say what features you would like to be considered for putting on the map. (Please put Map Features in the subject line.) Just tell me what each feature is and where it is. The things you mention could be, for example, instances of:
flora and fauna, ponds and trees
scenes and landscape, footpaths and lanes
buildings, walls and other constructions
places with history, or with more recent memories
pubs and churches, shops and services, businesses
leisure activities or community groups
general environment and amenities

Example of artwork on a Parish Map

Sompting Parish Council support the project and have offered assistance with getting grant funding once the project is under way.

How else can people get involved?

Once the project has got off the ground and there is some initial work to show, the people making the map will hold a public meeting to invite feedback and more ideas. If you would like to be told when such a meeting is planned, please email me with your contact details and with Map Meeting in the subject line.

View from Lychpole Hill to Steepdown Hill

Who is making the map? Can you help?

I have learnt how other groups have made their Parish Maps, and I have started to put together ideas and reference maps. My name is Mike Tristram and I am a member of Lancing & Sompting Pastfinders and the Sompting Festival Group, and a trustee of Sompting Estate.

The Parish Map Group so far has 9 members. The first stage is to produce a draft artist's brief I am producing for the base map, and to list features for which we will need additional illustrations.

If you are an amateur artist or calligrapher and would like to contribute to the artwork, or if you have other relevant computer or design skills, or just general organisational skills and interest, please email me your contact details, with Map Group in the subject line.

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View to Park Brow from Lychpole Hill